Saturday, October 18, 2008

Work With Govt in Facing Crisis

The Opposition has been urged to work together with the Government to develop a common ground in facing the global financial crisis. In the global community, increasing political and economic pressures and occasional self-interest have driven some of us away from the mutual understanding and interest. Najib said the list of challenges faced by the Government was made even more daunting with the Opposition, which is a critical voice to any productive democracy, still reluctant in claiming the majority voice in Parliament through the back door. Malaysia is fortunate that the electorate remain willing, within limits, to provide the Government the time to catch up. On the economic crisis, Malaysia must take this opportunity in adversity to further integrate our economies with our most important trade and investment partners. We must avoid the temptation to resort to protectionist barriers - the world must remain open for business. In my own opinion it is true that we must cooperate in handling this issue as it is a big problem that occurring all over the world. Meanwhile, we must understand that each people has their own perception toward something and different point of view, it is an advantage for us to choose for the best view. We could not force other people to agree with us since they have their own calculation. For conclusion, I would like to say that we must first find the keypoint that we are agree with each other in order to unite under the same objective.

Friday, October 17, 2008

MCA Needs to Reform to be Relevant:

MCA must learn from its mistakes before it can hope to stage a comeback after the March 8 general election. There is possibility that they will lose more of what it had built if reformation is not conducted as soon as possible. MCA, the second largest Barisan component party, won just 46 out of the 130 seats it contested this round. MCA must not only reform itself but also take the initiative to tell Barisan the ways to reform before the situation worsened. They can no longer take things for granted like before. They also must discard complacency. In order to achieve their target, they must have great teamwork as it was main keypoint for the survival of any organisation and any divisiveness would lead everyone to failure. Each party must groom and develop successors to continue its political struggle. A party can be as strong as it can be, but its strength and glory will fade and destroy if there is no successor. The party will just go into history. Chan was confident that the movement, under the new leadership, could contribute to the party and introduce lots of reforms along the way.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Thieves Blow Up ATM With Fireworks Bomb

Thieves tried to break open an ATM in Puchong with a homemade explosive device made of fireworks, fortunately they did not get the money. It is very surprised as this is the first time a homemade explosive device has been used in robbery. Two men in their 20s were captured in action by the bank’s closed-circuit-television cameras. A patrol car crew heard the explosion and rushed to the scene. Unfortunately, the thieves manage to fled away on seeing the patrol car. CCTV recordings showed the thieves riding up to the bank on a motorcycle. Police from the forensics department were sent to the scene to gather evidence and found remnants of the device. Police are still uncertain of the motive of the two men were they trying to vandalise the machine or getting to the money. Thieves have used various ways to break into ATMs including using tractors and tow trucks to uproot the machines. Firstly, I would like to congratulate the Police Department for their effective action in handling this cases. Although there are CCTV in the bank, the thieves can still bombing the ATM. So, in addition we must upgrade our security level, as preventing is better than cure. The key point is citizens must be responsible and playing their role properly in order to help the authority. Finally, I want to state that we are in unstable condition, therefore we should always aware to the surrounding since we do not know if something bad will happen upon us.

Friday, October 10, 2008

I am not to blame for PM’s exit

Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin has denied that he is to blame for the early exit of his father-in-law Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as Prime Minister. He said since the beginning of Abdullah’s premiership, the party leadership had been a “victim of constant" .Over the years, there have been criticism and scathing attacks against Khairy by a number of people, including former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. They alleged that the Prime Minister was allowing his 32-year-old son-in-law to interfere in the running of the Government, which both Abdullah and Khairy have denied. Khairy said Abdullah’s decision to leave office in March should be recognised as a sacrifice for party unity. In my opinion all of the members of cabinet and party should be responsible for the problems. Although he has denied for such criticism, but he should know he could be involved without his consideration. Politicians always play with words in order to support their position, so we must have rational thinking when we are facing such occasions.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Going Green From Young

Teaching young generation to appreciate the nature and environment is good action in order to inculcate in them sense of responsibilities toward nature. Pupils of Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Section 9, Shah Alam, were picked as Panasonic’s Eco Kidz recently. The initiative taken by Panasonic’s Eco Kidz by adopting school and its students recently can be a great example to others. Through the project the company intended to raise environment ­aware­­ness and promote conservation activities in local communities. Under the project, the students will be involved in educational activities including factory eco-tours, eco-education, recreation and eco-competitions. The project also involves planting trees in school compounds. Selection of the school was based on its efforts in environment projects, including recycling. Managing young people is easier than adult, thus we should grab this chance. Hoping that this effort will continue to be nourished in the whole world in order to produce sustainable condition.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

U.S. Plane Violated Iran's Territory

From the article we can predict that United States always seeking opportunity in order to take advantage on Iran as they are enriching their nuclear without the permission of United States. Numerous ways had been taken to stop the process but none is effective, so that we should be suspicious with all U.S action since they will not stop until they achieve their target. U.S. military aircraft had violated Iranian territory unintentionally and had been forced to land in Iran on tuesday reported by an Iranian news agency. if we use our own mind is it logical to say an airplane will pass through an area unintentionally? In fact we could not denied that, may be all of the scene is planned systematically. Recently we have heard about Iran may be attacked by the United States. So everything can occur without our expectation. Although it said that five senior U.S. military officials had been interrogated at an Iranian airport and released a day later after it became clear the U.S. plane had not entered intentionally but we must be awared to them always.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fuel Price Cuts To Ease Burden

The fuel price decrease hopefully will ease the burden of the people during Hari Raya. But the Government would be paying slightly more in fuel subsidy as the average crude oil price would be only seven sen cheaper but the Government had decided to absorb the difference and lower petrol and diesel prices by 10 sen. Although the 10 sen reduction was good for the public but it would not make any difference to bus operators since they still get subsidised diesel at a set price. Besides, consumers should continue to remain thrifty and manage their money wisely. For the Government, they must con­tinue to plan for better public transportation as the fuel issue will continue to affect us in future. For sure we did not expect prices of goods and services to drop in line with the reduction as the cost of production and raw materials had risen dramatically. Therefore the reduction should have been more. But nevertheless, it is better than nothing change. As conclusion, we should always be prepared to any changes in order to survive in this world of globalisation.